About Us


Wellmade Inc was established in 2016 in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with one goal: to inspire women worldwide while also leaving footprints of inspiration in the fashion industry. With that mindset, two lines were born to do just that. POLAGRAM was launched in 2017 to reach out to intelligent, contemporary, yet beautiful women all across the world who values their individuality while BAEVELY was launched in 2019 to reach out to the modern and confident lovely women who are comfortable in all aspects of being bold yet sweet and are not unafraid to push their limits. In both lines, we offer countless options while holding quality and affordability in high regard.


Visit our showroom:

650 East 16th Street Unit C, Los Angeles, CA 90015

T: (213) 221-1123?F: (213) 221-1124

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm